Examine what you tolerate

As I am traveling taking care of #NFL clients business affairs, my daily prayer and meditation have me moving in a different way. I think differently, and I speak lower and calm. The last several months have been challenging both good and bad. In the interim, my spirit has risen to new heights of clarity. My life’s blueprint is moving in a direction only the Lord God can order my footsteps, personally and professionally. I am less tolerant of people, things, and situations that no longer benefit my well-being of being the best me. It’s imperative and of importance that I continue my journey of being graceful and merciful in all that I do. My life’s goal always is authentic in being an asset to all who comes into and connect with my spiritual spectrum. I have been broke and broken because I had chosen to tolerate many obstacles that forsake my well-being. We have to be mindful in the acceptance of tolerance. It’s a deadly weapon of self-destruction. All the glitz and glam fades and soon the essence of your spirit will be exposed. So be careful in what and who you tolerate personally and professionally. Save yourself with daily prayer and meditation. Only seek understanding from God. You will thank me later!! #ThePNPAgency


All progress takes place outside the comfort zone

To accept and be open in the spectrum of being uncomfortable is the realm of wanting and being successful. In order to succeed, you have to be open to change, through the good, the bad and the most indifference of not understanding what will happen next. To step out of your comfort zone takes persistent, preservation and more importantly, faith. Remember, the journey is always temporary, the final destination is permanent. So don’t give up, keep going!!


Watch Out for Competion Disguised as Support

In being in the sports and entertainment business, I have come across the most plastic/fake and evil minded/spirited people who have mastered the game in pretending to have your back and support, all in all never had any intent to truly advocate for you. For example, “Girl, I am praying for you.” In the interim, over years, never seen them go to church, hear them pray nor speak the Lord’s name. So I wonder, Who are they truly serving???” My small circle of sisterhood (less than 5) prays with, for and over me and do it loud and proud. I am one to always give the benefit, and always with open arms. I never judge nor forsake those who are I give an extension of my authentic self and spiritual being. However, as I embark on the next chapter of my life, my spirit calls for me to detox, remove, eliminate, defuse and no longer confuse the evil spirit that has come beforeth me. I have learned to immediately recognize and deter from the evil eye, which shows the evil heart and spirit. Luckily, I am covenant with prayer and with meditation every day, that I am able to move swiftly away from “they” gracefully and mercifully. Lord God says to honor those who don’t honor you, and you will receive abundance of blessings. Although that is a challenging task, I do believe I can conquer it through Jesus Christ. Do understand, the work starts with self, and Lord God will handle the rest. This my #soapbox for today!!!

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PR Email Response to a Prospective Client who states they are “leery” to pay for a consultation to inquiry PR services.

The prospective client will remain nameless….

Dear Prospective Client:

I understand and respect your concerns.

However, I can’t be at fault for another publicist(s) lack of ethical business practices and work ethic.

I handle my public relations business in the utmost integrity and professionalism; whereas, I never promise nor guarantee, but always over deliver (proven track record).

The introductory consultation is a preliminary means of getting to know each other with a discussion on how I can be of assistance and benefit your public relations needs.

I do not speak with anyone without an introductory consultation (fee goes toward the initial signing of a contract). 

The consultation is also a means of the process of selection. I do not choose to represent all who inquiry my services. I will and do offer other resources and referrals if applicable.

The consultation is a set forth practice to ensure confidentiality, comprehension, time and due diligence is not wasted on both parties. The consultation is merely your business investment to explore and seek a reputable, credible publicist, in which you shall receive ROI. In the interim, for me to ensure I am not giving away my intellectual property to a prospective client who is only seeking to receive information without investing (getting something for nothing).

I stand firm on not providing any FREE consultation(s) due to my education (Doctorate, 2018), 25+ years of experience, scholar skill sets, and blessed to have worked with and for A-list clients in the sports and entertainment industry, politics, small businesses, and nonprofits.

My reputation is unmatched, unparalleled and supreme.

Therefore, I can only wish you the best in your efforts to find and hire a publicist and/or firm who will suit your business needs.

Thank you.


The PNP Agency

Parisnicole Payton is a communications executive, publicist, marketer and business manager. She helps sports and entertainment public figures; small businesses and nonprofits create a customized public relations “plan of action” for brand awareness and national exposure.


Failed Networking Attempt

Today, I just had a brief conference call via Facebook with someone from the UK whom I’ve met on a Facebook Women’s group.

Immediately, I could identify the sole purpose of the conversation. It was leading to be one-sided; while, the person was searching, seeking information from me about my business and how they can receive help from my intellectual property. As I was very candid on talking about target marketing, somewhere during the conversation, the person realized they could not just randomly get information from me. The person asked how can we help each other. I responded we can always continue to exchange business ideas via the Facebook Women’s group. However, if you are unable to introduce/refer to me my clientele such as athletes/celebrities, small businesses, and nonprofits in need of PR services; it is not much you can do for me. Also, if you do not know anything about my industry or clientele, you will be a disservice to me, my business and industry. Now, what I can do for you – what are your business needs? At this point, the person at once wanted to end the call – all of a sudden they had an emergency they must attend.

As a publicist, I am trained to discern “red” flags during a telephone conference. The person picked up on my swift skilled mastery.

Many do not understand the power of networking; which has become very slim. Everyone is trying to get something for nothing. While networking, you need to ensure you have some sort of an asset to offer before you approach anyone.

I will say it again. When you extend the right hand to ask; extend the left hand to give, at the same time! That is business relationship building.

It becomes very annoying and frustrating when people are constantly coming from a self-centered agenda. That is not how you do business nor grow your business.

In 25 years of doing and being in business, I have never approached a business opportunity from a “me” perspective. It’s always been from a “we” spectrum. I always ensure I have something to offer long-term.

Networking 101: Do research and make sure you have something to offer before you approach anyone. And if you are not sure what to offer, find at least one business alignment of interest – trust me, there is one. Be authentic and organic with your approach – you will get further!

Parisnicole Payton is a communications executive, publicist, marketer and business manager. She helps sports and entertainment public figures; small businesses and nonprofits create a customized public relations “plan of action” for brand awareness and national exposure.


In pursuing higher education has saved my life.

Do you know why a lot of people do not pursue higher education?

Because they do not feel they are smart enough.

Well, let me tell you something. I had the worst SAT scores in high school. I hated mathematics and chemistry! I skated by in both classes. While attending Community College of Philadelphia, it took me 7 years to complete a 2-year Associates Degree because I could not pass English 098 & 099 – I had to repeat 3x and repeated English 100 2x!! It took for an African American professor to pull me aside to give me some pep talk! In addition, let me be honest. I was fearful. I was being a lazy, procrastinating and chasing a dream. In going to school was the last thing on my mind. However, my goal was to only complete an Associate, thereafter, I was over and done with school. In my mind, going to school takes too long and I got things to do and school was holding me back! However, God had other plans for me. My life crisis moment came at the age 34. I looked back and realized I had nothing to show for of my 34 years. That was a hard pill to swallow. I realized I had a purpose. I was good enough. I was smart enough. I looked around my family, and most had Bachelors, Masters, and PhD. Yes, I come from a well diverse, educated family. So, I decided to complete a Bachelors degree. Suddenly, something came over me. I was more eager to complete something I’ve started. I wanted to ensure my legacy was about persistence and prosperity and with that came an increase in self-love, faith, and determination. In 2004, I put a 5-year plan together, and I prayed on it, over it and beyond it. I completed the plan in 4.5 years – I received an Associate in ’07 and a Bachelors in ’08. It was never my plan, but soon after, I completed two Master degrees. In between, completed several professional certificates. I just kept going! Now, at the end of the road in completing a Doctorate (PhD). Trust me, it is NOT EASY!! If you ever asked me did I ever think I would be where I am now, I would strongly answer NO! There were so many self-doubts, but I got out of my own way and I listened to what GOD had planned for me.

To open myself up, let me be very candid – HIGHER EDUCATION SAVED MY LIFE! Hmm, maybe one day, I will write a book to explain at a later date. Yes, education made me a better person. When I happened to look back at my personal and professional journey – I would not change anything – okay, I would have done things a little sooner. But you get the point. It’s never too late!

So, my message is to encourage anyone out there not to allow fear, self-doubt, or life gets in your way in pursuing education. If you have children, a growing family – that is, even more, the reason to be more motivated to pursue higher education, so you can be a better you and lead by example.

My opinion, education is for everyone. No one is exempt from pursuing an education. You must be willing to invest in yourself. There is no excuse NOT to pursue education. The journey to pursue is temporary; the outcome in completing is permanent. Education guarantees POWER on so many levels!! You do have to put in the time, work and due diligence. I promise you, at the end, it will be all worth it!

I just wanted to share.

Parisnicole Payton is a communications executive, publicist, marketer and business manager. She helps sports and entertainment public figures; small businesses and nonprofits create a customized public relations “plan of action” for brand awareness and national exposure.


Career Passion vs. Just Working

I appreciate people’s advice when it comes to my career. Today, while networking at the Small Business Expo, two people suggested I should think about utilizing my public relations services into the healthcare or political sectors. Immediately, this places me in an uncomfortable stance of confusion. Why are they making this suggestion? Did they not comprehend my 30-second elevator pitch? “Hi, my name is Parisnicole Payton. I am a public relations strategist who helps sports and entertainment professionals, small businesses and non-profit organizations that struggle with creating a customized public relations plan of action for brand awareness and national exposure.”

To suggest I should expand my public relations services into other industries goes against my advocacy and passion I have for working in the sports and entertainment industry. Public Relations is a passion driven profession. To be productive, effective and successful, you must have a passion for the industry you serve. I get why many may feel I am of a great asset in the other industries, but to place limitations on my industry choice tells me many do not know what Public Relations entails. When I introduce myself, I convey a compelling message with passion about working with athletes. In addition, I do offer my services to small businesses and nonprofit organizations that have an align interest to partner with public figures in the sports and entertainment industry.

In your industry choice, you will encounter challenges; however, never persuade someone to do other than what they desire to do and the field they want to serve. In 2015, I was working as an independent career contractor at a consulting management firm. I can recall counseling a with a woman laid off after 15 years of services working at a law firm. Prior to that, she was an administrative assistant for the Philadelphia School District. She enjoyed being an administrative assistant and working in the school district. Her career took a derail when she was laid off. Thereafter, she found herself working at a law firm. At this point, she has encountered two laid offs. She was at a crossroad and had no interest in working in the law industry. The career consultants helping her only offered the career advice for her to continue seeking employment within the law industry. She was clear on having no interest working for another law firm or the law industry. Although she spent 15 years at a law firm, she did not enjoy. Over time, she became upset, frustrated and depressed. She felt no one was listening to her. I decided to listen. During our career sessions, I understood her passion was administration, and she enjoyed and had the passion for the school system. I worked with her for two days on her cover letter and resume. We discussed her career options to seek employment opportunities in working for the high schools and universities. We tailored her cover letter to demonstrate an interest in returning to working in the academic field. After a month of several interviews, she secured an Executive Administrative position at Temple University. She was extremely happy.

My point, never try to deter someone from following their passion in working in their industry.

“A job pays the bills. A career feeds the soul.”


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After attending the Mega Speaker Conference with TJ Foxx (Disclaimer – This is not to promote or endorse JT Foxx), I was extremely overwhelmed. During the full-day conference, I learned so much! I never think I know it all. I am always humble to learn more. Well, I got more than what I expected out of TJ Foxx. This guy was overly confident in his position as the #1 public speaker in the world alongside Tony Robbins. Throughout the conference, I was a little taken back by many of his comments, and bragging about all of his value, successes, and relationship with celebrities he does business with. His presentation had you on a live roller coaster ride! After the fun filled conference; I joined a few attendees for dinner. We all agreed, JT Foxx had the right to be as proud about of his accomplishments, achievements, and accolades. For years, he put in the work! His

Some people may have been offended. On Google, there are negative reviews of the conference and about JT Foxx. You know, he was spot on! I could not help to be so engaged by his cockiness. I could not take away from the fact he spent eight hours in giving VALUABLE information about the business of public speaking, branding, and marketing. In addition, throughout the conference, he kept saying, “write this down.” And he watched to see who was writing down what he was sharing. One of the attendees was a 14-year-old male with his mother. JT Foxx asked him, why was he not writing anything down? His mother speaks, I am taking notes for him. JT Foxx said, “If your son missed school to be here, he should be writing down his own notes. No disrespect to you, your son needs to retain all this information for himself.” Another WOW moment. Again, he was right!

JT Foxx shared if you are giving a presentation, and folks are not writing down what you are sharing, then that person is not serious about retaining the information that is given. JT Foxx knew the information he was sharing was extremely valuable, so he placed the accountability on his audience. He did not care what anyone in the audience thought. He knew his VALUE! Take it or leave it.

To see all this live was magnificent!

Let me tell you why I am sharing this. I have accomplished so many things and have endured many successes in my career as a publicist. I have worked with many celebrities and athletes as well. My work speaks for itself. Over time, I have scaled down my value to appease others who were in no position to retain my services. Honestly, many should have never been given the privilege or honor to work with me. However, I was raised to always be and stay humble in the midst of your personal and professional journey. You know what? Humbleness was not paying the bills. People take advantage of humbleness. People take advantage of only receiving and never giving. People gained their own agenda in their ROI on my humbleness, as I walked away with ZERO.

Over the years, I consult with my attorney, business mentor and spiritual advisor as to why I was not much further in my career that I should be. Over time, they ensured me; I was doing all the right things. I kept second guessing myself. On a high, self-doubt kicked in. I would think, I need to change this, change that, scale this down, do this, blah, blah, blah, in hopes to gain more clients and sustain and increase revenue. I made sure I only surrounded myself with the best.

Again, something was still not right. I kept hitting a brick wall.

“You don’t live once. You live every day. You die once.” – JT Foxx

As I am writing this post, I received an email from a potential client informing me that right now she cannot afford my discount March rate.  The remaining fact is, she can’t afford me at all and she is not serious nor ready to evaluate her brand. So, she wasted her time, more importantly, she wasted my time.

“Don’t trade time for money.” – JT Foxx

In going forward, I excited to apply the business fundamentals and adopt the cockiness characteristic from JT Foxx. After attending two events, I have more clarity to better align and position my business model. I am more fired up than ever! First thing first, in order of business, I will no longer discount my services, nor give away freely my intellectual property. Lastly, my cockiness swag and prices have increased.

“Protect your brand” – JT Foxx


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Something to think about in our busy, very challenging lives by Sheldon Jones

“I remained too much inside my head and ended up losing my mind”                           –Edgar Allen Poe

When times are toughest please remember the serenity prayer, my friends.

“God grant me the serenity to accept the things I cannot change; courage to change the things I can; and wisdom to know the difference. Living one day at a time; Enjoying one moment at a time; Accepting hardships as the pathway to peace…”


Life Challenges

Today’s life challenges are overwhelming. It’s hard and extremely difficult to try and keep up with everyday tasks. I have truly delicate my blog due to my schedule have been occupied with pursuing my Doctorate degree at Walden University.

In the interim, I have secured new clients. So you can imagine my life and schedule is fully filled.

As we continue our life journey, we have to be mindful to slow down. We move so fast throughout the day, we tend to miss what is actually happening. We don’t embrace each moment grant and blessed upon our day. We miss many opportunities to learn and receive blessings.

We must prioritize our day to reflect what is important. Many of the things we are doing are not relevant to our journey – and we are wasting time. Time is of an essence. You can’t get back time nor make up for time wasted.

We are excessively consumed with Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, and now Snapchat!! I have to admit, I am addicted to Snapchat.

All is good, but we must remind ourselves the essential importance of taking the time to slow down and handle our life challenges before they become life threatening crisis.


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