Catching Up

Well, it is 2016 and I have been MIA.

Let me share what I have been doing the last year.

I have been pursuing in complete a Doctorate of Business Administration with a concentration in Leadership at Walden University. Thus far, my experience as been rewarding. The work is hectic and the commitment to pursue is very desirable. My doctoral study will be a qualitative case study. I am still working on the subject matter of the study. I want to focus on Organizational Sustainability and Crisis Management. I want to outline the success of the corporate sector in utilizing a crisis management strategy, in which, the sports sector can benefit. I am in my last year of the doctorate program, and 2016 will be a long journey of determination and sacrifices.

In addition,  I have taken on bigger public relations and crisis management opportunities within the corporate sector. I continue to work with NFL players, that will never change. I want to expand my profession in Public Relations and Crisis Management further into the sports industry such as MLB, NBA, and NHL.

I have a lot going on….


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What Are Your Favorite Tools to Organize Ideas?

My favorite tool to stay organized is keeping all my business documents located in a SkyDrive, DropBox or Cloud. This helps to eliminate the need for losing or having the files stolen, encrypt, and catching a virus.  By utilizing an internal drive, which helps to have easy access to documents and be able to retrieve the documents anywhere, and from any computer.  Another tool that I implement is a notepad on my smartphone.  As a publicist, I have to use social media to communicate.  I develop and format several templates into the smartphone dictionary. This development is to distribute one time via copy/paste mode in providing information and resources across all my social media platforms, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram, Tumblr, Pinterest and LinkedIn.  This is an effective time management practice, whereas, I do not have to re-type everything. My advice is to keep your organizational skills simple. This can be done by managing quarterly and keeping notes of changes by creating an organizational strategy schedule.


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